Good guy Motorola: Moto G receiving Android 4.4 KitKat already


When Motorola launched the affordable-but-not-cheap Moto G, one of its USPs was touted to be the fact that unlike other budget handsets, it would actually receive software updates instead of being stuck on the OS version it was initially launched with. Well, Motorola wasn’t kidding it seems – the Moto G has begun receiving an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat a couple of weeks before it was intended to, showing the dedication of the company towards making the Moto G the best budget Android smartphone that exists on the market right now.

Initially, the update will be made available to handsets bought from Motorola’s online store and Amazon, with other Moto G carriers and regions to get it “soon” – the Moto G will actually be more up to date than the Moto X after the update, as the latter is still running the initial release of Android 4.4. The update brings enhancements such as restyled navigation and status bars, a full-screen “immersive” mode, color emoji support, closed captioning, improved security, reduced memory usage, enhanced phone dialer (not the Nexus 5-exclusive Google ID dialer, however), gallery, and camera apps, in-built printing support, and improved overall performance.

As always, the update will roll out in stages, though going by how quick the Moto X got updated to 4.4, it shouldn’t be more than a week before all the Moto G units receive a notification for the update’s availability. Motorola is doing an awesome job with software updates, and here’s hoping other OEMs learn a few lessons from the Google-owned company.

Source: Motorola Blog

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