GlowLytes Is An Android-Controlled LED Light System That Brings Color To Your Yard

A new campaign over at Kickstarter aims to bring life to any yard by giving it colorful lights. The project called GlowLytes is a smart LED based outdoor lighting system that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet through a WiFi connection.  The best part of this is that you won’t need any other yard light again as you can have your lights reflect the color of the season. You can make it glow red for Christmas or pink for Valentine’s without ever changing a bulb.

Features of GlowLytes

Energy Efficient

This device uses RGB LEDs which are known to consume less power. You will be able to save money on your electric bill even if you turn the lights on all night. Since the LEDs have an approximate lifespan of 50,000 hours you can be sure that they will last a long time. Cat5 wiring is also being used so that consumers can easily make the installation in minutes without having to worry about exposed wires or twisting the wire ends.


The technology makes use of WiFi which means that wherever your WiFi reaches you will be able to control this lighting system. Don’t have WiFi in your home? That’s not a problem since the package already comes with its own WiFi network.

Simple and Flexible

GlowLytes can easily be configured by consumers. You can change the color of individual or groups of lights. It can also be programed to turn on or off on a schedule.


GlowLytes are fun to have as you can make the lights match the mood of the season. If you have a favorite sports team you can also show this to your neighborhood by lighting your team colors.

The Hardware

glowlytes 2

Every GlowLytes system consists of a main controller and a between 1 to 32 LED lights. The main controller runs on Linux and is responsible for controlling the system.

The Campaign

This project has a goal of reaching $90,000 with $4,430 already pledged by 14 backers as of this writing. There is still 40 days to go before this Kickstarter campaign ends. Once the target has been met, molds and parts will be ordered for mass production.

For you to get the early bird special condo kit (GlowLytes controller, 2 LEDs, 14 feet cable) a minimum pledge of $200 must be made. The estimated time of deliver is March of next year.

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