Galaxy S3 Flashing Camera Light Notification

S3 Flashing Camera Light

A new message came in Mailbag just recently about a Galaxy S3 flashing camera light notification. The original message reads, “Ever since I downloaded the new 4.3 version to my Galaxy s3, when I receive a call, text or notification, the camera light comes on. Please help me find a way to turn off this function. Thanks.”

Possible Causes of the S3 Flashing Camera Light

The likely causes of the S3 flashing camera light whenever there is an activity in your device may be related to its configuration, installation of an app, rogue third-party apps or corrupted system files.

Likely Solutions for the S3 Flashing Camera Light

Here are the possible solutions to your S3 flashing camera light issue:

1. Check Phone Configuration

First, make sure that the Flash Notification feature of your device is turned off. You can access it by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Proceed to My Device
  • Select Accessibility
  • From there, you will now have the option to deactivate Flash Notification

2. Search for Flash Notification Apps

Check if you have installed apps that may trigger the function. One known app that causes this is Flash Bink. Basically the app is specifically made to alert users that there are calls, texts or notifications in their phones. If you have any app that functions similar to Flash Bink, just disable or uninstall it.

3. Observe Device in Safe Mode

There may also be other third-party apps triggering random glitches to your device that may include this. After applying the steps above with no success, start your device under Safe Mode. Observe if the problem persists. If the problem stops under that mode, that means there is a third-party app causing it but if the flashing light still happens, then, you might be facing a faulty hardware already.

4. Perform Factory Reset

Depending on the result of the previous item, if the problem is still software-related, try to remove any erratic or suspicious apps. Alternatively, if you have problems locating the troublesome apps or you have already used all possible solutions, simply perform a Factory Reset to bring back your device into its uncorrupted state.

5. Bring it to a Technician

If the S3 flashing camera light is diagnosed as a hardware issue based on the result of your observation under Safe Mode. Bring it to a technician already so he can check its camera and other parts.

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