Galaxy S3 Chooses Email when Texting Instead of the Number of Contact

Galaxy S3 Chooses Email when Texting

An email came through The Droid Guy Mailbag about a Samsung Galaxy S3 problem. The message reads, “Hello, I recently updated to android 4.3 and immediately noticed that the email address is displayed instead of the person’s name whenever I try to use the text messaging. I deleted the user from my contacts and recreated the same user but get the same issues even after clearing the cache for this application. My device is a Samsung Galaxy S3 i747. Any assistance will be appreciated.”

The Possible Cause of the Problem and the Solutions

The problem where Galaxy S3 chooses email when texting instead of the number of your contact can be triggered by your Google account synchronizing with your phone from time to time. During my research about the issue, I came across a similar problem with the iPhone and it was confirmed by Apple that it was due to the device’s continuous synchronization with the user’s Apple ID. So, Apple advised a solution which simply involved deleting the user’s Apple ID from the device to disable its syncing.

Although there is no way to delete the Google ID stored in an Android device, the problem wherein the Galaxy S3 chooses email when texting instead of the number of the contact can be remedied by creating another Google ID and registering it with your device. Make sure that the new ID you created has no previously stored contacts though.

Another fix was also suggested in an old post at the Android Central forum which simply involves setting the group actions of your contacts to send only SMS. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to People
  • Select Groups
  • Open Group Actions
  • Set it to Send SMS

When all else fails, it might be a bug connected to the update you installed. If that is the case, wait for another update that contains a fix or flash your firmware to a previous version.

Flashing is risky though so why not just wait for a fix from your carrier?

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