Galaxy S3 AOL Problems

Galaxy S3 AOL Problems

Samsung Galaxy S3 AOL problems have been reported by some readers to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag. The problems range from the email account under AOL not syncing or having trouble sending/receiving emails.

Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 AOL Problems

Based on the forums of Vodafone, AndroidCentral, Verizon and DroidForums, the Galaxy S3 AOL problem may be caused by a glitch in the configuration of the app, a bug in the app itself or a corrupted system file within the phone.

How to Fix Galaxy S3 AOL Problems

Here are the possible solutions to fix the issue according to online sources:

1. Reconfigure Your Email Settings

Remove your email account that is associated with the AOL app. After that, add it again. Ensure that you have entered all the necessary data asked in the settings. You can ask AOL’s technical support for this.

2. Clear Cache and Clear Data

Try to clear the cache of your AOL app. This will delete any temporary files causing the errors. If this does not work, proceed to clear the data of your app. Take note that you will have to put the configurations of your app again after clearing its data.

3. Reinstall AOL App

The next step that you have to undertake if the first two items do not solve the issue, is to uninstall and reinstall your app again. Make sure that you configure the app properly after installation.

4. Open AOL Using Your Phone’s Internet Browser

Another way to access your AOL account if your app is acting up strangely is by opening your Galaxy S3’s Internet browser. Then, use it to access your emails stored in your AOL account. You can also send emails in AOL through your Internet browser.

5. Do a Factory Reset

If you have determined that other third-party apps are causing the issue or the system files of your phone are corrupted, perform a Factory Reset.

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Sources: Vodafone, AndroidCentral, Verizon Wireless, DroidForums

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