Galaxy Note 3 Lite Confirmed by Insider

galaxy note 3 lite confirmed

Rumors about the new variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been making their rounds in the Internet long before the Note 3 was even officially announced. Old rumors have it that the new model will come with premium and lower-cost versions.

Lower-Cost Version of Galaxy Note 3 Confirmed

According to SamMobile, a website dedicated to Samsung mobile phones, one of their insiders in the giant Korean tech firm confirmed that the lower-cost version is already underway. In fact, the insider revealed that the cheaper variant called the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will be revealed at next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). The source added that the new device will also be made available in the market around February or March of 2014.

Initially, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite with model number SM-N7505 will be available in black and white casing. There is no word yet about the technical specifications of its hardware though. But the insider said that shipping manifests indicate that the Korean firm is testing the new Smartphone with 5.49 and 5.7-inch screens.

Other Specs Based on Old Rumors

Although not confirmed yet, old rumors circulated by the same source stated that the Galaxy Note 3 Lite camera will be downgraded to an 8-megapixel unit as opposed to its original version which has 13 megapixels.

SamMobile also tipped off that the new device will carry more superior specifications than the soon-to-be-released Galaxy Grand Lite, which is scheduled to be launched at the 2014 MWC too.

The news source noted that Samsung does not have a large-screen device in the market yet with mid-range specs. Thus, having the Galaxy Note 3 Lite later on will surely please a lot of consumers who are looking for Smartphones with bigger displays but with more affordable prices.

More Updates Coming Up

That’s all we have so far about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite. We will keep you updated for more juicy news and rumors about the new Galaxy Note 3 Lite as new information turns up in our radar.

Source: SamMobile

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