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French company sues HTC and LG over patent infringement allegations

HTCHTC and LG have been sued by France Brevets over NFC related patent infringement allegations. The exact patents which were infringed upon are as follows:

  • Antenna signal amplitude modulation method
  • Inductive coupling reader comprising means for extracting a power supply voltage

While there’s no clarity on what either of these patents mean or stand for, it’s clear that both LG and HTC are in the wrong. France Brevets handles licensing of patents owned by Inside Secure and as a result files patent infringement suits on its behalf. There’s no information as of yet on what this could mean for the future of infringing HTC and LG smartphones, but the company wouldn’t settle for anything less than damages and/or a permanent ban like Nokia asked for the HTC One Mini in the UK recently.

We hope the parties involved settle this out of court and we don’t have to see another sales ban of a popular Android smartphone. HTC has already been involved in a patent infringement battle and it wouldn’t want to get involved in another one.

Source: NFC World

Via: Android Beat

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