Fix for Samsung Galaxy S4 “Phone Freeze” (Network Lock or Subsidy Lock) error

Samsung Galaxy S4 Network Subsidy Lock

For security reasons, manufacturers would usually entrench a network lock to certain devices, including mobile phones at the request of the mobile service provider. This will bar anyone from using their device on a different carrier. Those who tried to do so would usually be asked for an unlock code but after entering the code, they will get a message saying “Phone Freeze.” What exactly causes this problem and how to deal with it?

Probable Causes

– The code did not come or not requested from the mobile service provider.

– The network unlock code is incorrect.

– The unlock code was entered in a wrong order.

Key Solution

Once you already got the correct unlock code from the mobile service provider, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the Wi-Fi feature on your device.

1-a. From the Home Screen, locate and touch the Menu icon, then go to Settings, Connections, and finally Wi-Fi option.

For older device: Menu –> Settings –> Wi-Fi

1-b. You should see the ON-OFF slider next to Wi-Fi. If you see it ON, touch it to turn the Wi-Fi feature OFF. Otherwise, leave it as is.

2. After turning Wi-Fi off, turn off the device.

3. Remove the SIM card from your mobile service provider.

4. Insert the new SIM card from any mobile service provider you want to use instead of the original.

5. After placing the new SIM card, turn the device ON.

6. Wait until you will be prompted with an unlock code request, then enter the eight-digit unlock code accurately.

7. If the unlock code you entered is correct, then you should see a dialog box with a message saying, “Code Accepted” or “Network Lock Successful.”

Device Not Prompting Unlock Code

Follow these steps if the device does not ask you to enter the unlock code:

1. Touch the Phone icon from the Home Screen, then Keypad (Dialer).

2. Using the keypad enter this code accurately: #7465625*638*#

3. The device should prompt you to enter the unlock code for you to proceed. If so, then key in the 8-digit unlock code you received from your mobile service provider.

4. After successfully entering the unlock code, you will be prompted with a message saying, “Code Accepted,” or “Network Lock Successful.”

Now, you’re good to go.

Important Notes

Network Control Key (NCK) or subsidy unlock refers to a code used to prevent anyone from using unauthorized network or any cellular network other than the device was originally sold for.

If you want to request an NCK or subsidy unlock code, you have to contact the mobile service provider.

The unlock code is an 8-digit number code assigned to the device.

Be sure to enter the correct unlock code because multiple incorrect attempts will make the device permanently locked to the original mobile provider.

If problem persists and you are still getting the Phone Freeze Error Message, contact your service provider immediately and seek further assistance to “Unfreeze” your phone.

You may also use alternative methods available to enter the unlock code and unlock your device.