How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Intermittently Not Responding or Frozen

We notice a common issue emerging in our mailbag just recently. A number of our email senders are talking about some concerns regarding their Samsung Galaxy S4 device that is intermittently not responding to some requests or goes frozen more often.

One of these conjoint emails reads:

“I am currently having a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4 device, which I bought a few months back. Just recently, I notice my device keeps freezing, sometime locks up, not responding, or randomly restarts. I also have concerns with the apps that will just close by itself, unexpectedly. I really don’t have any idea what causes these problems to occur on my device. I mean, I got it brand new and I don’t remember any instance that I’ve done something that may likely cause these problems. I appreciate your help.”

In respond to this concern, we’ve done some diggings from pertinent sites over the web just to come up with the best possible solution, which we provide later in this piece.


In order to isolate the problem, you have to consider a number of factors as potential causes, which would include the following:

* Too many apps running or open in the background. In this case, the device may not have enough memory (RAM) to complete the requested process.

* Temporary issue occurring on the device.

* The device’s firmware/software is outdated, thus needs to be updated.

* Using third-party application.

* Memory card communication problem.

* Insufficient internal memory to process request.

* Use of non-Samsung OEM battery or charger.

* Liquid or physical damage is present.

* A case or screen protector damage causing touchscreen to not respond properly.

* Network conditions affecting apps performance, particularly apps using mobile data like the web browser. Sometimes, you may think the device is not responding while the apps are attempting to download information from the Internet.

* Rooting the device and installing a custom version of the Android operating system.


1. Remove the battery for 30 seconds, with the device remained ON. Wait until the time has elapsed, then replace the battery and turn the device on.

2. Check your device for any available software updates.

3. Check your device for any possible physical or liquid damage. Do you remember any instance when you accidentally dropped or exposed the device to moisture? If so, then that is more likely causing the problem.

4. Make sure you are not using or connecting to any non-Samsung accessories with your device. Often times, unwanted behavior of the device is associated with the use of non-Samsung OEM accessories. If you happened to use any non-Samsung equipment, then try to disconnect or remove them from your device to isolate the problem cause.

5. Also see if you have enough signal strength especially when using data-intensive applications on your gadget. Poor network signal may also affect the device performance.

If in case you happened to root your device and installed a custom version of the Android OS before the intermittent freezing problem exists, then you may need to reinstall the original Android OS version for your Samsung Galaxy S4 to have all these problems solved. You may use Samsung Kies to reinstall Android OS.

If you think the intermittent freezing of your device is caused by any installed applications, then try to uninstall all apps that you think can trigger problems with the device’s system during power on.

If by all means, all the aforesaid workarounds won’t resolve intermittent freezing or not responding problems with your Samsung Galaxy S4 device, then you may consider contacting the OEM for further assistance or possible warranty claims.

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