How to fix Lock Issues on Samsung Galaxy S4 with Face Unlock

Some owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 are complaining about certain lock issues, in which they were not able to unlock the device using Face Unlock. When they attempt to do so, they will be prompted with a message that says, “Maximum Face Unlock attempts exceeded.” Then the device would prompt them to “Blink Now.


If you happen to get a message saying, “Maximum Face Unlock attempts exceeded,” then you would need to provide or key-in your alternate unlock PIN or Pattern, so you can unlock or access the device.

If the issue persists, then try doing these:

1. Stay in a well-lit area when unlocking the device. Remember that the device camera will not be able to recognize you if the background is too bright or too dim.

2. Check if the front-facing camera area is clean and free of any possible barriers like a cover or case.

3. If you are wearing any eyewear, masks, hats or any other headgears, make sure to take them off. In order for the feature to work properly, the device camera would need an unobstructed view of your face.


Lock issues with the Face Unlock feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 may be triggered by a number of factors. In common cases, a user may not be able to unlock the device due to a lightning that is too dim or too bright. Other possible causes would include:

– Improper holding of the device (Not held at eye level).

– Face is not in the precise alignment. (Not aligned within the facial recognition area)

– Using not recognized eyewear.

– Obstructed view of front-facing camera.

– Failure to blink. (Presence must be enabled in this case)

Also remember that enabling the Presence check on the device after your face is detected will trigger the “Blink Now” message to prompt. It is intended to work that way to prevent someone from holding up a photograph while attempting to unlock the device.


For you to unlock or enable Presence Check on your device, set the Face Unlock as the current lock method. To do so, you have to follow this process:

1. From the Home Screen, locate and touch the Menu icon.

2. Go to Settings, then to My Device, then Lock Screen and finally Presence Check.

Procedure may vary a little for those using older devices, as they need to touch Menu, Settings, Lock Screen and then get to Presence Check to have it unlocked or enabled.


1. Make sure you hold the device at eye level and look straight at the device when you are on the Face Unlock screen.

2. Carefully align your face within the empty space. Holding the device close to the face is highly discouraged because the device camera will need to detect your face prior to unlocking it.

3. Properly hold the device and hold it still until it recognizes your face and unlocks.

If by all means, the abovementioned fixes and recommendations won’t resolve the lock issue on Samsung Galaxy S4, then you may need to try using alternate method to unlock the device.

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