Easy Solutions for Problem Where LG Nexus 4 Automatically Unlocks

LG Nexus 4 Automatically Unlocks

We received an email from an Android Smartphone user encountering a problem where his LG Nexus 4 automatically unlocks itself. The message reads, “I purchased a LG Nexus 4 a couple of months ago. After updating it to the latest firmware via OTA, my LG Nexus 4 automatically unlocks itself and starts functioning in my pocket by itself.”

Possible Causes of the Problem and its Solutions

A few days ago, we have reported that several complaints have stemmed from the 4.3 update rolled out by various carriers. Most of the complaints came from LG Nexus 4 users. So, it is likely that the problem wherein the LG Nexus 4 automatically unlocks itself is related to that. If this is the case, the solution would be to flash the device and revert its firmware to older version.

But before undergoing that tedious and risky process, it might be a good idea to explore other possible causes of the problem.

It is possible that there is also something wrong with the configuration of your device. If so, just reset your phone’s app preferences to its original state to solve the issue. Take note that this will reset all the default actions that you have assigned to your apps too.

Another scenario is that some apps might be causing the trouble. Try putting your phone into Safe Mode then observe if the problem still takes place. If the issue does not occur under this mode, that means there are third-party apps causing the erratic behavior of the phone. Simply exit Safe Mode and uninstall the apps that you think are causing all the trouble.

A quick way to eliminate all the harm done by existing or previously installed apps is via Factory Reset. This will revert your device back to its factory setting but it will delete all the data that you have previously stored as well, so be sure to backup your files prior to this.

Now, if you cannot locate the problematic third-party app or if you have exhausted all the possible solutions including Factory Reset, we could also assume that its sensors might be faulty. If this is the problem, have it replaced by an authorized Smartphone technician to fix the problem.

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