CyanogenMod Hits 10 Million Installs

Nearly four years ago a custom ROM was released that came with features not found in the official firmware of Android devices. CyanogenMod promised to improve the performance of devices since it didn’t come with bloatware that usually comes with carrier bought phones. Today marks a milestone for this ROM as it just topped 10 million unique downloads as registered by CMStats.

Looking at the gathered data we are seeing more than 5 million official CyanogenMod installs while there are also a little under 5 million unofficial installs. The top three devices that have CM running are the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy S III.

As of this writing the stats are as follows

  • Official Installs: 5,435,225
  • Unofficial Installs: 4,579,284
  • Total Installs: 10,014,509

Top 10 installs by version

  • Nightly-10.1: 1,157,545
  • Nightly-10.2: 679,536
  • Nightly-10: 490,165
  • 10.1.3: 375,673
  • Nightly-7: 371,887
  • 7.2.0: 282,239
  • 10.1.2: 208,247
  • 10.0.0: 206,943
  • 9.1.0: 190,685
  • 7.1.0: 171,985
  • 10.2.0: 157,214

Top 10 installs by Device

  • galaxysmtd: 510,782
  • i9100: 493,956
  • i9300: 458,143
  • cooper: 220,853
  • pyramid: 200,858
  • mb526: 193,926
  • bravo: 192,312
  • mako: 187,232
  • maguro: 177,106
  • blade: 175,451

This data only shows users who have enabled CMStats on their device and only those who have checked in during the last 90 days. This means that this figure could even be a lot higher.

CyanogenMod supports various Android models from smartphones to tablets offering an alternative to the stock firmware of the device. Some its features include native theming support, FLAC audio support, OpenVPN client, CPU overclocking, and many more.

Previously it was quite complicated to get CM running on an Android device as it required a user to be familiar with the workings of the Android system. With the release of the CyanogenMod Installer Application it became easier even for those without any experience in rooting or flashing an Android device to get CM up and running.

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