Common Galaxy Note 2 Problems with Black Screen and Memory Leak

common galaxy note 2 problems

Here are quick answers to the common Galaxy Note 2 problems being sent to us through Mailbag:

1. Galaxy Note 2 Problems with Black Screen

“While using the phone, the screen goes black. I cannot get it to come back by pressing the power button or the home button. I can’t end the call. I have it set to stay on for 2-minutes, and as long as I’m looking at it. The touch screen is also sluggish sometimes. I have had this phone 2 weeks only.”


It may either be an issue with TouchWiz or the sensors. If you still have your warranty, I recommend using it to get a replacement or have your phone serviced.

A DIY solution would be to perform a Factory Reset. But that only works if the problem is software-related. The other solutions in the previous article about Galaxy S4 black screen might come in handy too if the problem is only within the software.

2. Galaxy Note 2 Problems with Memory Leak

“Hi I am using Galaxy Note 2 and recently I updated to 4.3 over WiFi. Before the update, the used RAM would be around 700MB but after the update, even if I clear the memory, it will always be around 1.2GB.”


This is among the common Galaxy Note 2 problems that users experience after updating to the unstable version of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean according to the forum of XDA Developers. A lot of its contributors using the Galaxy Note 2 with the unstable 4.3 update also confirmed this.

The most effective way to fix this is by updating to the more stable version of the Android 4.3 if your carrier already offers it. If it is not yet available in your carrier, you may want to flash your device and install an older version of its firmware. This is a risky process though so we still recommend that you wait for your carrier to release an OTA fix for your device.

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