Carbon For Twitter goes to version 2.0 with a visual refresh and under the hood updates

Carbon Twitter

The popular Carbon for Twitter application has just received a major overhaul with an update. The app made its way to the Play Store in February earlier this year and has been widely popular ever since. This new version 2.0 update brings forth plenty of changes including an all new design, user interface as well as some new features. The app has a very simplistic design overall and the all black background color might not be particularly appealing to everyone, but it’s pretty much the best third party Twitter client one can ask for.

Several gesture features like two finger touch to retweet and slide out menus have also been added. If you’ve never used Carbon before, this will certainly make you warmer towards third party Twitter clients, so we strongly recommend you give this a try. The app is a free download of course, so head over to the Play Store and download the app to try it out for yourself.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Central

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