Bulky Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Extended Battery Pack Now Available

Note 3 Extended Battery Pack
Photo Source: Android Police

If you do not find the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 huge yet, then, the extended battery pack released by ZeroLemon will definitely further add to its size. According to Android Police, the Note 3 extended battery pack houses an enormous 10,000mAh power supply. This is also carries an NFC support for the device.

When combined with the Smartphone, the rugged Note 3 battery pack would make the whole device appear to be an unappealing chunk of brick. But on the bright side, the additional power provided to the 3200mAh Li-Ion battery of the Galaxy Note 3 will surely be very useful to its users as the accessory approximately triples its energy capacity.

Why Add an NFC Chip?

As mentioned, one of the things that were added to the Note 3 extended battery pack is the presence of an NFC chip. But why add an NFC chip to a device that already has NFC features?

Based on the report, the reason why there is an NFC chip is to ensure that the functionality is still available to the Smartphone after snapping on the bulky Note 3 battery pack. Apparently, the snap-on battery pack blocks the native NFC feature of the Galaxy Note 3. So, that explains why there is a need to add an NFC chip in it.

Other Features of the Note 3 Extended Battery Pack

In addition to the NFC chip, the Note 3 extended battery pack holds a stylus pen protective tab, microUSB protective tab, kickstand to enable different viewing angles and fitted screen protector.

Where to Buy

The source says that the Note 3 extended battery pack is already available on Amazon. Currently, it is sold for $59.99 (shipping fees not yet included).

Source: Android Police