Brightest Flashlight app on Android caught selling user data to advertising companies

Android MalwareAndroid has had a terrible history with security and malware thanks numerous apps making its way to the Google Play Store with malicious intentions, despite Google’s constant efforts to curb the nagging issues. And with user security and privacy being at the forefront of every person’s life today, the FTC has just uncovered an app developer selling Android user data to third parties. This is a serious allegation and one which could cost dearly to the developers, but it is being said that the FTC has come to an agreement with the developers, although the details weren’t disclosed to the public. So does this mean the app will continue to steal data and sell them? We’re not quite sure yet, but it’s still present in the Play Store.¬† The app in question is known as the Brightest Flashlight and is submitted by a devel0per group named Goldenshores Technologies. So make sure you read the permissions, or preferably stay away from the app altogether if you don’t want your data to be accessed and sold to interested advertising companies. It is claimed that the app gets permissions for certain functions rather deceivingly, which has infuriated quite a few officials at the FTC as well as the users.

Via: Android Community

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