Bamboo Moto X will now start shipping by December 27

Bamboo Moto X  When the Bamboo Moto X was announced yesterday, we were expecting a substantial delay in rollout with the holiday season approaching. Motorola confirmed this when it gave out shipping dates of January for this variant. However, Motorola has now preponed the shipping dates to the 27th of December, thus making the wait slightly lesser. We’re not sure if this is exactly good news as Motorola claims it to be, but we guess it’s better than having to wait a couple of weeks. Everything else is the same as originally claimed and users will still have to pay $199.99 or $249.99 to get one of these on contract.

Here’s an excerpt of the email sent out by Motorola to purchasers of the Bamboo Moto X – “Good news! We previously estimated your Moto X with Bamboo to ship in January, however we’ve been able to work some magic. Your Moto X with Bamboo will now be delivered to you on or before 12/27.  No need to call us—we’ll keep you updated on our progress and let you know when it has shipped via email.”

Via: Android Central