Bad Weather and Cyber Monday Orders Caused Moto X’s 13-Day Shipment Delay

Before Cyber Monday this week, the estimated delivery time for a customized Moto X was just a few days, 3 on average, but it appears that new orders are going to take almost two weeks to deliver according to Motorola.  As the estimate delivery time seems to be gradually climbing, many people who ordered the Moto X on Monday for Cyber Monday were being given an estimated delivery date 8 days away but it appears that even this has now been pushed to 13 days for orders being placed today.

Moto X

Monday was Cyber Monday and it turned to be one of the few historic sales especially for people who were looking forward to landing a good deal on Android smartphones including those of Motorola.  Motorola put up Moto X for sale at a discount and surprisingly, the device sold out in under 10 minutes, proving just how popular the device is in the market and highlighting the company’s inability to meet the market demand (read the story by Valerie here).

If you are planning to or already have ordered the device, you need to know that the delay is not intentional as Motorola claims that recent bad weather at their Fort Worth plant in Texas which included storms have affected production of Moto X (remember that Moto X is marketed as 100% made in USA).

There isn’t really much anything to do now considering that weather is the biggest issue causing havoc down south.  If you are waiting on Moto X, be cool because you are not the only person waiting.  A thread on Reddit suggests that Motorola indicated that they have various ‘contingencies’ in place at the moment that are aimed at reducing the wait time.  This is interesting considering that the company promised a 1 to 2 more days delay from original shipping estimates, what we are not sure is whether new orders placed today will take 13 days to deliver or 13 days plus 1 or 2 days delay which makes it over 2 weeks of waiting.  Motorola’s statement read:

“Unfortunately a winter storm is causing hazardous conditions in Fort Worth, where our factory is located. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our team members, as well as providing the highest level of service to our customers. We are taking steps to make up any lost time, but we anticipate some delays.”

If you still have the $150 Moto X discount code, you may have to wait even longer before you get your device.  As a consolation, maybe when it finally comes, your new device will boast of the new holiday themed boot animation Motorola promised.

Sources: Phone Arena and Android Headlines