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Assassin’s Creed Pirates will launch this Thursday on the Google Play Store

Assassin's Creed PiratesGood news awaits Android gaming fans as Ubisoft is all set to launch Assassin’s Creed Pirates on Android this Thursday. The game is based slightly differently from the standard Assassin’s Creed games, as the protagonist here is a pirate and the game is predominantly set in ships and combats rather than the standard plot which basically involves assassinations. With that in mind, we’re not sure if this game can even be called Assassin’s Creed as the only similarity with the original game here is the character, who is a pirate and not an assassin.

The game will cost $4.99 and will be heavy on graphics as well, so we don’t expect the game to be supported on a run of the mill Android smartphone, which also explains the steep pricing. While this might not appeal to Assassin’s Creed loyalists, it will certainly strike a chord with casual Android gamers. Expect a formal announcement from the developers as the game officially lands on the Play Store in a couple of days from now.

Via: Android Central

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