Archos Previews Several Devices To Be Launched At CES 2014

French consumer electronics company Archos made an announcement regarding its upcoming devices ahead of CES 2014 which starts next week. The company which is known to make affordable smartphones and tablets is ready to add more products to its lineup which will soon include smartwatches, fitness tracker, connected objects, weather station, and a pet tracker.

The company didn’t give details on its smartwatch models however they said that it will have a pebble-like design and will work with Android and iOS devices. The Pebble is a successful Kickstarter funded project that has sold around 300,000 units to date making it the leader in the smartwatch market. Archos aims to take advantage of this by offering cheaper models that will cater to the various needs of consumers. Archos says that it will concentrate more on simplicity and design on its upcoming smartwatch models.


The Archos Activity Tracker is a wristband that provides information such as calories burned and count the number of steps taken. This information is then sent to a smartphone.

What’s probably the company’s biggest product to be revealed at CES 2014 is the connected home health monitoring products. This is composed of a bunch of devices such as an activity tracker, scale, blood pressure monitor, weather station and tablet. There are still no details yet regarding these devices however the tablet will allow consumers to monitor their home from wherever they are. A consumer can use the tablet to turn on the lights, turn on the TV, or perform other functions.

The Archos Weather Station allows consumers to monitor the indoor and outdoor weather conditions of their home from wherever they are. Information such as temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, and more can all be viewed from a smartphone.

weather station

The company also plans to release the Archos Smart Tracker. This is a small device that can be attached at the collar of your pets so that they can be located easily.

smart tracker

More information on these products will be revealed at CES 2014.

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