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Android 4.4 KitKat will not require a separate hardware menu key

Android 4.4 SamsungA hallmark of Samsung devices in comparison to other smartphones is that they come with three hardware keys acting as menu, home and back keys respectively. However, there might not be a need for this anymore as Google has implemented the software menu key right below the screen (like Nexus devices) on Android 4.4 by default. This means that irrespective of what Samsung or other manufacturers want to do, there is going to be a software menu key on the display at all times. Since this is built right into Android, Samsung will not be able to tweak it. So it seems like we will be looking at a new breed of Samsung smartphones in the future.

Samsung might also try to keep the menu button intact and let the multitasking software key act independently. This might work, but is sure to cause some confusion among users. It will be interesting to have Samsung’s stand on this as almost every Android OEM has done away with hardware keys.

Via: Android Beat

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