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Analyst provides some details on HTC’s plans for the ‘One 2’ smartphone

HTCThere has been numerous speculation about the HTC One successor which is to be unveiled during the MWC next year. And a Taiwanese analyst with TrendForce claims that the smartphone will sport certain unique features to make it a competitive offering, mainly to combat the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 which breaks cover a month after the HTC One 2 or One Two is unveiled. The handset will reportedly sport a 4.9 inch display panel coupled with a Qualcomm Snapdragon branded chipset, although the exact make wasn’t specified. The smartphone is also said to feature a fingerprint scanner, probably an improved version of the one seen on the One Max. Along with this, the smartphone is also believed to pack two separate camera lenses for daylight and low light photo situations respectively.

The analyst claims that the HTC One Two will be a series of smartphones and not just one flagship handset in order to attract several market segments simultaneously. More particularly in China where over 35% of the company’s business comes from. However, given how competitive China is with manufacturers like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, Huawei and ZTE, it’s hard for HTC to tap into the high end market segment. So this is why the analyst claims that the smartphone will have to appeal to the Chinese market to have any success in the rest of the world markets.

It is being said that if the successor does well, HTC might look to gradually phase out the HTC One, which is almost a given at this point. HTC’s global marketshare is close to 4% as of now, so it will have to come up with something remarkable and groundbreaking to change that. It is being reported that the HTC One Two could cost somewhere close to $600, which is much cheaper than its predecessor. Of course, HTC could have something entirely different in mind as these are merely analyst speculations. But looking at the path at which the company is going, these predictions seem pretty accurate.

Source: Forbes

Via: Phone Arena

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