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Amazon sold “record” number of Kindle Fire tablets for the third year in a row

Kindle Fire HDXThe Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablets went on sale sometime before Thanksgiving and the company appears to have sold “record” number of tablets third year in a row. The Kindle Fire series of tablets have launched around the same time since 2011, so it’s no surprise that each year the sales have only gotten better. Unfortunately, Amazon didn’t give out actual sales figures for the Thanksgiving weekend, thus maintaining its tradition. However the company claimed it had a “record holiday shopping weekend for Kindle“.

Given the kind of demand Amazon tablets have seen, one can imagine the kind of sales that the Google Nexus 7 or the new line of Apple iPads would have seen. Another report states that a large majority of iPad buyers from this Thanksgiving sales season belonged to the Android camp. The exact numbers are not known but it is said that over 40% of all the iPad buyers this past weekend owned an Android device, which is quite a revelation indeed. So while the budget tablet segment consists primarily of Android tablets, the iPad dominates the overall tablet segment. The launch of the iPad Air has proven to be crucial for Apple this Thanksgiving, with a large majority of buyers picking the new Apple tablet over other offerings.

Via: Cult of Android, Infoscout

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