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Activision brings down the pricing of Call Of Duty: Strike Team to $2.99 for the holidays

Call Of Duty: Strike TeamActivision is known for massive PC and console titles like Tony Hawk series, Marvel superheroes and more popularly the Call Of Duty series of games. The developer launched Call Of Duty: Strike Team on the Google Play Store some time ago with a steep price tag, which was justified given the gameplay and performance it offered. However, Activision has decided to offer a nice little treat for its fans by slashing the price of this title,  bringing it down to $2.99 (previously $6.99).

Along with the price cut, Activision has also expanded the number of devices that the game is compatible with. The new compatibility list is a bit small but it includes the likes of the Sony Xperia Z, Xperia S, the LG Nexus 5, Samsung Nexus 10 tablet as well as the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II phablets.

The game is a hefty 1.9GB in size, so make sure you have some storage cleared up on your smartphone before purchasing the game, especially if you own a Nexus device. Activision will hold this discount until February 1 2014 according to the Google Play listing. Watch the video teaser of the game below to know how the game functions.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Community

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