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Wooden Moto X will arrive in time for the holidays

Moto XThe wooden Moto X has almost taken a back seat in our minds with so many other smartphones making their way to the market, but we’ve still not forgotten. The fact that users can get their very own wood finish Moto X is something really very unique and it seems like the wait is almost over. Although this variant will not launch in time for Thanksgiving as originally reported, the wooden Moto X will apparently break cover in time for the holiday season shopping sales. If you’ve been holding off on the Moto X for not having the wooden variant, this is the time to rejoice as you might have your very own Wooden Moto X in time for Christmas.

It was claimed earlier in August that the wooden variants of the Moto X might cost an additional $50 for manufacturing, which I think is a trade off worth having. The smartphone has an excellent specs sheet inside and with a wooden enclosure, users will get a more premium feeling out of it, so shelling out an additional $50 shouldn’t be a concern.

Source: JR Raphael – Google+

Via: Phandroid

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