An All-white Limited Edition 16GB OUYA Unveiled

Just last week, OUYA, the new Android gaming console, was on the news over the promise of a new revamped user interface of the console rolling out. But what we didn’t know is that there had been a new limited edition console in development.  Today, it has been revealed that a new all-white limited edition OUYA console with a 16 GB internal memory is coming to the market soon and it will cost just $30 more than the standard consoles in the market now.

The current OYA consoles have an 8 GB internal memory, but the new version will be coming with double this – since internal memory (besides the user interface) has been one of the most complained about features – so the $30 difference seems sufficient.

Other than this, the console will also offer users an option to expand storage by plugging in a flash drive.  The company has promised USB flash drive support when they roll out the next software update.  It is unclear as of now how this will work when it comes to games installation – whether it will be easy to install games even on the flash drive.  Whatever the case, this is a big improvement, and the new console is way better than the current version.

Sony made its PS4 console available and Microsoft is expected to launch its Xbox One console later this week, OUYA’s move to bring the new white console is perfectly-timed for a stiff competition in the gaming market.  OUYA is the newest entrant in the Android and it can be considered an almost insignificant player. However, Android, the system it runs on, is getting more and more popular and developers are scrambling to release Android games to meet the demand.  If OUYA keeps up the trend, soon it may lead the race for dominance in the Android gaming market.

What do you think of the new Limited Edition console?  Will you get one?

Story source: PHAndroid