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Verizon Targets Tablet Users with a new 300MB $5/day Plan

Verizon yesterday announced a new payment plan that seems to target tablet users and those with other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Android camera.  If you are a Verizon customer in these cross-hairs, you can get up to 300MB of data per day for just $5 and not have to rely on Wi-Fi or tethering to connect to the internet on your tablet or camera any more.

daily-plan-366x251Although it is not official that tablets have grown tremendously and carriers can no longer afford to ignore tablet users, Verizon has made the move to give people something different, something tailored for their tablets considering that almost every tablet owner has a phone.  The new daily data plan allows the user the 300 MB for a 24 hour period over the carrier’s 4G LTE data network and is not automatically renewed.  This means that you can purchase the plan any day, any time and have 24 hours to use it up but if you start running low Verizon will ask you to purchase another 300MB for $5 and use it up in 24 hours.

Activating the $5 300MB plan is much simpler if your tablet or gadget has a Verizon Wireless SIM card – just launch the browser and you will be automatically redirected to Verizon’s Wireless broadband portal where you can choose the Share Everything plan and have the option of sharing data among other devices.  If you are not a Verizon customer then you will have to get a SIM card from them first before taking advantage of the daily plan.

The new $5 300MB plan seems like a sweet deal but did you know T-Mobile gives its customers 200MB FREE data per month and they don’t even need to have purchased the tablet from the carrier.  AT&T also has a plan that is comparable to this announced last month but it offers 250MB for 250MB – also for a day.

Verizon’s cheapest monthly plan costs $20 and comes with 1GB of data, the math done by folks at Android Headlines reveals this plan to be stingy and users are better off with the monthly plan if they need connection for more than 3 days.  This is a plan for those who need internet connection every now and then or if you have a primary connection but need a backup plan for when Wi-Fi is not available.  Good thing Verizon does not charge any activation fees for this plan.

What do you think about Verizon’s new daily plan?  If you have a tablet or camera, will you purchase it?

Sources: CNET and Android Headlines


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