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Some units of the LG Nexus 5 could be suffering from an audio issue

Nexus 5The LG Nexus 5 has been available in the market for almost a month now and no major issues or problems have been reported thus far. But now a new audio related issue has surfaced, at least according to some users. These users are apparently facing audio related issues during phone calls, which has something to do with the microphone of the smartphone. This issue is not seen on all Nexus 5 smartphones, so it could well be the case of a few bad apples out there.

Possible solutions at the point include using a wired or Bluetooth headset while making a call as it uses a separate microphone. The issue is apparently related to the noise reduction technology in the smartphone. So if this issue is hardware based, a software patch might not be the remedy. But it’s too early to tell as there’s no confirmation of the problem from Google, although some customer support staff have allegedly acknowledged this glitch. We’re hoping to have an official word from Google on this in the coming days.

Source: Google Product Forums

Via: Talk Android

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