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Two year old Amazon Kindle Fire gets an unofficial Android 4.4 ROM

Kindle Fire Android 4.4

The Amazon Kindle Fire from 2011 receives very little support from Amazon, which isn’t a surprise as manufacturers usually follow an 18 month update cycle. However, this hasn’t stopped third party developers from cooking up custom ROMs for the now forgotten tablet. Today we have one such ROM courtesy of a developer named FuZZ__ over at XDA, which brings Android 4.4 goodness onto this device. It’s not fully functional of course and comes with its own set of bugs and glitches, but it has certainly increased hope among users that there could be something fruitful in the coming days.

The ROM is built using CyanogenMod 11 which is based off the Android 4.4 source code. The stock browser seems to be nonfunctional at this point, which is not a major concern as there are plenty of other browsers which can be used.

While the ROM is far from being perfect, it’s certainly worth a try since the tablet has almost reached end of life status. Head over to the link below to flash the CM 11 based ROM on your Kindle Fire, but make sure you are aware of all the risks involved in the process.

Source: XDA

Via: Android Community

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