Top Smartphone Problems Revealed

Top Smartphone Problems

Fixya, a question-and-answer website that features the top consumer products, recently revealed the top Smartphone problems encountered by users of popular devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, HTC One and the Moto X.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Top Problem

Topping the list of Samsung Galaxy S4 problems is the issue related to overheating.

Well, this is no longer a surprise to us. Most of the emails coming in The Droid Guy Mailbag have something to do with overheating coming from the back of the device near the rear-facing camera.

Fixya blames it in the plastic casing of the device (as opposed to the aluminum casing used by other popular phones). The report also speculates that it is due to the strong processing power of the Smartphone which is compressed in its very compact casing.

iPhone 5s Top Problem

In comparison to other devices, especially the Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5s has a very low battery life. This is also true with its predecessors. The reason for that is due to the lower electric charge capacity of the iPhone 5s battery. Add to that the powerful apps that the App Store has.

HTC One Top Problem

The top problem of HTC One owners is the quick draining of the device’s battery, which is the same with the iPhone 5s. The report reasons out that it is because of the phone’s big screen and fast processor. The source noted that  users of the HTC One complain that it normally takes around five hours to charge the device from its empty state to full bars.

Moto X Top Problem

Although dubbed as the best Smartphone ever created by Motorola, the storage space of Moto X is a major disappointment to a lot of its users based on the Fixya report. The device clearly shies away from its main competitors when it comes to that factor due to its lack of memory card option. Sadly, users of the device have to rely on cloud storage for memory extension.

Wrapping Up the Top Smartphone Problems

Here is a quick rundown of the findings of Fixya:

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Overheating – 25%
  • Battery Issues – 20%
  • Screen Problems – 20%
  • Call and Text Issues – 15%
  • Others – 20%

2. iPhone 5s

  • Battery Issues – 25%
  • Security and Privacy Problems – 25%
  • Crashing Apps 15%
  • Size of Display – 15%
  • Others – 20%

3. HTC One

  • Battery Power Duration – 30%
  • Audio Quality – 20%
  • Camera Problems – 20%
  • Blinkfeed – 10%
  • Others – 20%

4. Moto X

  • Storage Problems – 30%
  • Quality of Display – 20%
  • Camera Quality – 20%
  • GPS Issues – 15%
  • Others – 15%

Source: Fixya

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