Things You Need To Do When Samsung Galaxy S4 Does Not Power On [How To Fix]

While uncommon, this problem is a complicated one, considering you really couldn’t do a thing when your Samsung Galaxy S4 refuses to turn on. There are a lot of factors that may have contributed to the issue. You can address them one-by-one once your phone actually gets to boot up. Therefore, the very first thing you should do is bring the phone back to life no matter what.

Bringing Galaxy S4 Back On

Step 1: Plug the charger in. It could be a power problem so you should check the power supply first. There is a possibility that the battery was totally drained. Leave the phone plugged in for a several minutes before attempting to turn it back on. If the phone’s not charging, take the battery out for a minute, put it back on and charge it for a minutes.

Step 2: Boot to recovery mode. Booting to recovery mode is necessary when this problem happens to you. In there, you can always do a factory reset to bring the phone back to its original settings or clear data that were corrupted. All you need to do is press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons. Of course, you would need to have some battery charge to do this that’s why this procedure goes second.

Step 3: Factory Reset. In case the phone successfully boots up to recovery mode, do a factory reset. For those who are running custom ROMs, flash the ROM again to eliminate the possibility of corrupt system installation.

Step 4: Have a tech look at it. Without power, you can only do so much with your phone. So, if all these procedures fail, it’s time you had a technician check on it. If you’re under contract with a carrier, a new replacement unit might be provided for as long as the phone is under warranty.

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