TDG Answers: 5 Questions / Problems with Samsung Galaxy S4

I’ve picked up five unusual problems on Samsung Galaxy S4 sent by our readers to be answered in this post. While the answers are short, they directly answer the questions and provide resolution, recommendation or workaround. But it doesn’t stop here, I am actually continuing my research about these problems. I will update this post when I can find better resolutions, or perhaps write another post to answer a specific issue.

Question: I just want to ask if I updated my Samsung Galaxy S4 through Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) using my mobile data (1)what if it’s disconnected?, (2) if disconnected will it restart back to zero or just resume? I’m currently living on a country that doesn’t have a stable connection and a really expensive data plan.

Answer: Unfortunately, when downloading the firmware update via the mobile data network and the connection was interrupted, you would have to restart the download from the beginning and keep doing it until it’s complete. If possible, you could connect to a stable WiFi access point and download the firmware using WiFi connection.

Question: I just bought a Galaxy S4 9500. After a week the screen freezes while I am on the phone. I tried to do what you recommended but the clear data button is inactive. What else can I do?

Answer: It means that you already cleared the data of the Dialer, now do the same for the Dialer Storage. If this fails, too, you have no other choice but to do Factory Reset. I understand that your phone is new but I’m sure you don’t want to continue using it if it freezes when you make or receive a call.

Question: Hi, I have a Galaxy S4.  When I use the all share feature, sometimes it plays the entire video and other times it disconnects after 20 minutes or so.  I have a Samsung TV and Samsung blue Ray player.  I’ve recently upgraded my phone to JB 4.3 and I get the same problem as before the upgrade.  Please advise on any troubleshooting I may be able to do to resolve this problem.  It’s very frustrating to watch half of a movie and then your device losses is connection.

Answer: This isn’t a common problem but according to those who often use the All Share feature, when the multimedia playback lags, a reboot is most likely to solve the problem. But since you said you just upgraded to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, it is advisable you do a factory reset if your phone is not rooted. Rooted users can try clearing the dalvik cache.

Question: After the update for the Galaxy S4 came through last week, I noticed that that when I opened an app that is grouped with other apps in a menu group and then closed the app menu with the other apps in it would stay up on the screen.  I would have to press the back key or home key twice, once to close the app and once to close the menu.  Has anyone else noticed this and is there a work around? Let me know if this is confusing. 

Answer: The things you should try to resolve this problem is to clear Google Framework Services cache and data, as well as the Gapps. Rebooting, or soft-resetting the phone could also help. Lastly, a factory reset may be the answer to this problem.

Question: Hey, I had my Galaxy S4 rooted and when the new Android 4.3 update was officially announced I upgraded but from that moment on my WiFi didn’t even turns on. It would be nice if you could help me!

Answer: It is clear your previous may have been compromised when it was rooted. Try to flash the previous firmware and make sure to use the stock one, which means “not rooted.” After you did that, update your phone to the latest firmware and see if it would solve the problem.

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