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T-Mobile could get the Nexus 5 on November 20

T-Mobile Nexus 5

The LG Nexus 5 was recently launched on the Google Play Store amidst much hype and tons of leaks. The carrier variants were slated to arrive later in the month and we now have information on the T-Mobile variant of the newest Nexus flagship. According to an internal leak, the ‘Uncarrier’ could get the smartphone on November 20.

The smartphone will make its way to Sprint on November 8, so it’s not surprising to have the T-Mobile variant follow suit soon. Last year, Google launched the Nexus 4 only through T-Mobile, so it’s clear that Google wants the Nexus 5 to land on as many carriers as possible.

The Nexus 5 is currently out of stock in the American Play Store, so interested buyers might have to look towards the carrier variants as an alternative. The only downside of getting a smartphone like this through a carrier is that the user is basically hooked onto a two year contract, but thanks to early upgrade plans, that’s not much of a problem anymore. We’ll keep you posted on availability of the T-Mobile Nexus 5 as we have more on it.

Source: Tmo News

Via: Unwired View

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