Sprint offering $20 for any recyclable handsets on November 15

Sprint Logo

Sprint has announced a nice little initiative for America Recycles Day on November 15, where users will be able to trade in their old handsets regardless of its condition and get a $20 credit. This $20 credit can be used across any Sprint stores for purchase of a smartphone or accessories.

The carrier recycled over 4.4 million smartphones last year and is looking to bump up that figure substantially this year. As you would expect, this promotion is only available on the 15th of November which is tomorrow, so make sure you keep all your unused and old smartphones ready.

Sprint already has trade in programs, but such offers require the smartphones to be in working condition. But since this a recycling drive, the condition of the smartphone is immaterial. If you have a fully functional smartphone in your house which you’re looking to trade in, Sprint can offer you up to $300 depending on the physical condition and the popularity of the handset, so make sure you choose wisely before trading in your beloved smartphone. It’s good to see such an initiative coming from a carrier and with $20 being given away, customers have the added incentive to recycle their old unusable devices.

Source: Sprint

Via: Phone Scoop