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Sprint Galaxy Nexus gets an Android 4.4 ROM

Sprint Galaxy Nexus

As we all know, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been officially taken out of Google’s update cycle. However, this doesn’t stop the developer community from cooking up custom ROMs for the now forgotten device.

With that in mind, a developer group named SlimRoms over at the XDA forums have now produced an Android 4.4 based ROM for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus. This ROM is based directly on the stock Android 4.4 ROM, so it’s almost like what Google would rollout to its Nexus devices. This is probably the best that the Galaxy Nexus users can get right now, as Google is in no mood to change its mind, and with good reason.

This is an alpha version of the ROM of course, so use this only for experimental purposes. Bugs could be found, but we expect a better and more refined version of the ROM making its way to the forums soon. To go forward with the process, make sure your device has an unlocked bootloader and that it comes with a custom recovery installed to flash new ROMs. Head over to the XDA link below to get detailed information on the available downloads.

Source: XDA

Via: Talk Android

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