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Sony could have a new metal framed smartphone in the pipeline

Sony Smartphone Chassis

Sony is one of the few Android OEMs today that pays attention to the design of its devices. As we’ve seen from recent flagships announced by the company, they’re all pretty solid in build quality and design. And it seems like Sony will continue that tradition going forward in 2014 as a few images of a mysterious metal frame has been spotted, which is reportedly from an upcoming Sony device.

The leak originates from China and reveals all angles of the frame, thus confirming that it is indeed a Sony device. But since it’s only a frame, it is quite hard to tell if this is from an existing smartphone or something new altogether. But we can be assured that future Sony devices will feature the same premium construction that we’ve come to expect from its flagships of late.

We don’t expect Sony to launch a new smartphone anytime soon as it only recently unveiled the Xperia Z1 handset. But on the other hand, the company has launched a new smartphone every January for the past couple of years now, so we’re not sure if Sony will look to change that tradition.

Source: CTechCN (Translated)

Via: Android Community

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