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Samsung will launch devices with foldable display and 4K resolution in 2015

Foldable Display

With flexible displays currently being the talk of the town, it was much expected of manufacturers to take it to the next level. And Samsung is one of them as it gears up to launch devices with foldable displays by 2015. These displays won’t just be limited to smartphones, but the entire lineup of Samsung devices including smartwatches and tablets. And to make things even more exciting, these displays will apparently have substantially better pixel density compared to displays currently in the market. The report also tells us that we can expect Samsung displays to have 4K or Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160) at about the same time.

There’s not a long way to go for 2015 so we’re guessing Samsung is already deep into development of these display panels. Earlier this year, the company showed off the foldable display concept which impressed a lot of users (video below). We would like to see where LG stands in the foldable display segment as it has always competed closely with Samsung in the display department.

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