Samsung has sold over 800,000 units of the Galaxy Gear globally [Update]

Galaxy GearWhile we have been very critical of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch ever since its launch, it seems like the sales figures for the device aren’t as bad as we thought. According to a new figure, the smartwatch has sold over 800,000 units worldwide and over 50,000 units in South Korea alone. And this is since the past two months of its launch.

We’re not sure if the returns were taken into account here, but it’s very clear that Samsung successfully managed to convert hype into sales. We would like to get actual sales figures from Samsung, which is very unlikely at this point of time, but selling over 800,000 units of a smartwatch is indeed an accomplishment. We can expect the numbers to grow further as more Samsung devices get compatibility with the smartwatch when the Android 4.3 update rollout is finished by Samsung.

Sadly, some devices like the AT&T Galaxy S4 and the global Galaxy S3 are seeing delays in the rollout of the Android 4.3 update, which is cause for concern.

Update:¬†It seems like Samsung only “shipped” 800,000 units of the Galaxy Gear and not sold all of them, so the actual sales figures are bound to be much lesser.

Source: Business Insider

Via: Engadget