Samsung shows off concepts of flexible display smartphones

Flexible Display

Samsung has been teasing users with flexible display designs for quite some time now. But the company officially marked its arrival in the industry with the Galaxy Round smartphone which was an experimental device seeing a limited Korean release. The company has now teased us with few more concepts of flexible display smartphones, showing us where the future of this technology could take us. The fact that Samsung is contemplating doing this tells us a lot about what’s happening behind the scenes. However, this is only a concept and far away from reality, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

We have seen plenty such concepts being shown off by several manufacturers, but only a few come to fruition. But considering that Samsung is already in the scene with is flexible OLED displays, we might see the technology being developed substantially in the days to come. We were a little surprised with Samsung’s decision to not rollout the Galaxy Round on a global scale, especially with manufacturing of the flexible display panels picking up pace.

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