Samsung might ditch OIS from the Galaxy S5 camera

Galaxy S5 OISSamsung was reported to be working on a 16MP camera sensor with OIS for the Galaxy S5 flagship, but it seems like the camera won’t be up to the standards as initially expected. According to reports from Korea, Samsung is having trouble manufacturing these 16MP camera sensors with OIS and might be looking to ditch OIS altogether. ┬áSo this could mean we’ll see a Galaxy S5 with no OIS on board, thus hurting its camera credentials greatly. The current process will allegedly take until June 2014 to perfect if Samsung were to bring OIS into action, but that’s a long time to wait as the company expects to launch the smartphone by Q1 2014.

Of course, this is just a rumor for now and we might see Samsung pulling off a rabbit out of its hat to bring OIS to the Galaxy S5. This feature basically allows users to take stunning images even if there’s a shake while taking a shot. This feature was demonstrated on the Nexus 5 in detail by Google earlier this month. So while this is disappointing news for Samsung fans, it won’t be fair to write Samsung off yet.

Source: ET News – Translated

Via: Android Beat

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