Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet Problem

galaxy s4 internet problem

One problem we encountered in Mailbag from a Samsung Galaxy S4 user is its Internet turns off randomly.

Here is the actual message from one of our readers:

“The problem I am encountering right now with my Samsung Galaxy S4 is that for the past few weeks whenever I try to connect to Internet, it will switch off. Even if it’s battery is full, it will not turn on unless I recharge it. Even just using an FB messenger it will automatically switch it off.”

Possible Sources of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet Problem

Looking at the message above, we might be looking at a problem with the ISP/carrier (if using data plan) or the router (if connected via WiFi). It is also possible that there are certain apps going rouge on your device, though apps are less likely to produce this effect. Lastly, it can be a problem with the system or the hardware itself.

Possible Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet Problem

Here are some possible ways to fix the Galaxy S4 Internet problem:

1. Soft Reset

A Soft Reset or rebooting your phone by holding down the Power button until it restarts  is a good way to quickly fix temporary system glitches.

2. Check Connection

Insert your SIM on another Smartphone to check the signal strength of your ISP or carrier. A weak signal from your network can be the culprit. If you are using WiFi, check the wirings or settings of your router to see if it is the one causing the issue.

3. Disable or Uninstall Rouge Apps

Restart your device under Safe Mode and attempt to access the Internet that way. If the problem no longer occurs under this mode, there’s a big chance that there are third-party apps causing the problem. Try to remember the apps that you have installed prior to the problem and disable them one by one as you try to connect to the Internet. This will be a trial and error process, so you have to be patient during this procedure.

4. Factory Reset

A quick way to fix a hard-to-diagnose software problem is via Factory Reset or Hard Reset. make sure that you have backed up all your data before proceeding though so you will not lose everything.

5. Have the Antenna Checked

If the methods above fail to work, then the problem may already lie in your hardware. Most likely, it’s the internal antenna of the phone. Thus, if this is the case, have it checked by a reliable technician.

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