Samsung Galaxy S4 Drive Mode Problem

Galaxy S4 Drive Mode Problem

Last time we received this message about a Galaxy S4 Drive Mode problem. The message reads, “While Driving Mode is enabled and using a Bluetooth earpiece, both my partner and I experience the same problem. If you are in the middle of a call, when a second call comes through (call waiting) and you attempt to put a call on hold, you either lose both calls, or more annoying yet, the S4 will switch you over when you place the first call on hold but it disconnects the Bluetooth earpiece. Then, you’ve got to actually pick up the phone and use the built-in mic and earpiece on the phone itself. This is both annoying and dangerous. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

Looking at the details provided in the email, the Galaxy S4 Drive Mode problem wherein calls are being disconnected or the Bluetooth suddenly closes down may be due to the headset itself. The issue is usually present when using third-party headsets, especially with the ones that have lower frequencies than the ones offered by Samsung or the premium headsets.

Likely Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Drive Mode Problem

In a related article we published a couple of days ago, we have mentioned that Samsung already acknowledged this particular problem. Among the solutions that the Korean-based company suggested, aside from using premium Bluetooth headsets, are clearing the data and cache of the Bluetooth Share.

Another is by disabling the S Voice feature. Unpairing and pairing the device again to the car’s Bluetooth may also help solve this issue.

We would like to add that you should keep your apps updated at all times too in order to fix the current bugs associated with them, or at least minimize their glitches.

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