Samsung Galaxy S3 Won’t Shut Down Properly

Galaxy S3 Won't Shut Down

We have tackled problems wherein some Android phones would just shut down automatically in the past. However, the message that we received earlier in The Droid Guy Mailbag is very unusual because it is about a Samsung Galaxy S3 that won’t shut down.

The Possible Cause of Galaxy S3 Won’t Shut Down Problem

The most likely cause why the Galaxy S3 won’t shut down properly is its system has probably become unresponsive. This may be triggered by frozen apps or too many apps running in the background which is causing lags in the phone’s processor.

The Likely Solutions when Galaxy S3 Won’t Shut Down

Here are the solutions that you can apply to a Galaxy S3 that won’t shut down properly:

1. Force the Phone to Shut Down

The most obvious solution to this type of issue would be to force the phone to power off. You can either hold the Power/Lock button until it turns off or remove the battery to do it. However, this solution may only be temporary in nature.

2. Free Up Memory

Free up some memory to allow your processor to run smoothly. Uninstall the apps that you are no longer using or force close the apps running in your background that you do not need. It will also help to clear up your RAM and cache.

3. Factory Reset

If your device keeps on acting up after performing all possible solutions, there might be a serious problem in its operating system already or third-party apps might be causing it to frequently become unresponsive. If you cannot locate the third-party app causing the issue, simply perform a Factory Reset to bring back your device into its original settings and wipe out all the problematic apps. Just make sure that you have backed up your files before this so you will not lose them.

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