Samsung Galaxy Note 2 No Signal After 4.3 Update

Galaxy Note 2 No Signal After 4.3 Update

One message in The Droid Guy Mailbag that we received earlier reads, “After the Android 4.3 update, I have been experiencing a Galaxy Note 2 no signal problem. Is there a way to fix this issue?”

Possible Factor Causing the Galaxy Note 2 No Signal Problem

Looking at several forums and websites dedicated to Android phones,  the most probable cause of the Galaxy Note 2 no signal issue is the Android 4.3 update.

According to a report posted by Android Police more than a week ago, AT&T even pulled out the update after several calls from irate subscribers who installed the said update. The bug appears to affect random Android devices. But most of the complaints coming in are from Nexus 4 users, claimed a related article in Softpedia.

In addition to the Galaxy Note 2 no signal problem, a number of users reported that a couple of their apps have disappeared from their phones.

Stable Android 4.3 Coming Soon

Another article in The Full Signal last week said that AT&T is now pushing the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3. Then, it hinted that other devices may follow in the near future or as soon as the carrier and Samsung fixes the problems.

So, for those who are affected by the bug and still itching for the newest Jelly Bean update, they may be able to get a more stable version soon.

Solution to Galaxy Note 2 No Signal After 4.3 Update

Users who have installed the buggy version of the update are advised to revert their firmware into its previous version or wait until their carrier releases a fix via OTA.

Softpedia also reminds users who want to install the update but are not sure whether the bug will affect their phones or not to backup their data before proceeding with the installation.

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