Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem with Microsoft Exchange

galaxy note 2

Here is a message from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user who is experiencing a problem in accessing his email under Microsoft Exchange:

“I have been seeing your posting for solutions to issues faced by note 2 users and I appreciate it. I also have an issue. I have my office email under Microsoft Exchange active sync. It is working fine when I am connected to our university’s WiFi. It fails to work when I use mobile data. In mobile data, I need to go to an Internet browser to access my email. Is there any help you could provide me on this?”

First, we are glad that our articles are helping alot of Smartphone or tablet users in addressing most of their concerns. We always try to come up with solutions to our readers’ needs through extensive research.

Possible Solutions

Now, about the problem, we found out that this happens to several Galaxy Note 2 users based on several online forums. It is a random occurence though so we are not claiming that every user of this type of device is affected. Based on our observation, this seems to affect Galaxy Note 2 units running Android 4.1.

So, one way to address this might be to update the version of the phone’s operating system. Updates usually come with bug fixes so that might do the trick. Perform this first before considering other options.

Another solution is to try reentering all the data of your Exchange account as well as all the data required by the server.

If still, that does not work, you might want to use another email app to access your email already or stick with using your Internet browser for access.

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