Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Cannot Finish Downloads [How to fix]

galaxy note 2 play store

If you’re an owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you may have experienced various problems with the Google Play Store like not being able to finish downloading the app you want to install on your phone. Stalled Play Store downloads may be caused by a lot of factors but the post common causes are the following:

Possible Causes

  • Mobile data network connection disrupted.
  • WiFi connection dropped during download.
  • Google Play Store experiencing temporary issue.
  • A third-party application is interfering with the download process.
  • Malicious application detected.


There are five solutions that will be provided in this post and each one would answer each possible cause.

First Solution: Make sure you are connected to your data mobile network. If you are connecting to the internet via the mobile data network and your Play Store download gets cut off, this is the very first thing you should check.

  1. From any Home screen, touch the Status bar and drag it down.
  2. If necessary, tap Wi-Fi to turn off Wi-Fi. The icon is removed of color.
  3. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  4. Tap Settings, then tap the Connections tab.
  5. Tap More networks.
  6. If necessary, tap Airplane mode to clear the check box. Airplane mode is now turned off.
  7. Tap the Back key and touch Data usage.
  8. If necessary, tap Mobile data to select the check box. Your data connection is now turned on.
  9. If you are roaming off your carrier’s network, you can tap Data roaming to select the check box if you are roaming internationally, but it is required to receive data when roaming domestically.

Once you can establish a good internet connection via your network, try downloading the application you tried to download a while ago. Perhaps, this time the download pushes through.

Second Solution: Double-check  your WiFi connection. For people who gets their connection via the WiFi access point, it is imperative you make sure data is being transmitted and received by your phone. The first thing to do is to turn WiFi on and off, and if the problem persists, delete the network then let the phone scan and reconnect.

How to Turn WiFi On/Off

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Connections tab.
  4. To turn on, tap the Wi-Fi Switch to On. The Switch moves right and turns green.
  5. To turn off, tap the Wi-Fi Switch to Off. The Switch moves left and turns grey.

Delete WiFi Profile 

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Connections tab.
  4. If necessary, tap the Wi-Fi Switch to On. The Switch moves right and turns green.
  5. Tap Wi-Fi.
  6. Touch and hold on the Wi-Fi network.
  7. Tap Forget network.

Scan & Reconnect 

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap the Connections tab.
  4. If necessary, tap the Wi-Fi Switch to On. The Switch moves right and turns green.
  5. Tap Wi-Fi.
  6. If necessary, tap Scan.
  7. Tap the desired Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.
  8. If necessary, enter the password.
  9. Tap Connect.

Solution 3: Check Google Play Store Status. If your download stalls, there is also a possibility that the Play Store’s servers are down. Basically, to check if this were the case, try downloading another a different app. If the download could finish, the servers are fine, otherwise, you have to wait for the servers to be up and running again.

Download Apps

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Launch Play Store.
  3. Search for the app you want to download.
  4. Download and Install.

Fourth Solution: Make sure a third-party app is not interfering. There are apps that often interfere with the phone’s capability to connect to the WiFi network. These are the kinds of apps that  you need to get rid of; you could either disable it or uninstall it. However, to check if it really is a third-party app interference, boot to Safe Mode.

  1. Turn the phone off.
  2. Now as the phone boots up keep pressing the menu soft key which is immediately to the left of the Home Button.
  3. You would know if the phone is in Safe Mode because you can see it at the lower-left corner of the screen.

Fifth Solution: App is labeled malicious. If you have an anti-virus or malware, it could be that you are downloading an app that is considered malicious by your security suite. It could be that the app is just using the original app’s name and is fake. Do not continue downloading the app as it may destroy your phone. However, you can always check if the app is really malicious or not. The rule of the thumb is to download apps from known and respected developers.

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