Samsung all set for the mass production of 5 inch 560ppi AMOLED panels, beginning with the Galaxy S5

Samsung Display

Samsung’s name today is synonymous with two things – smartphones and displays. Although the Korean manufacturer has plenty of other fields of expertise, it’s the display and smartphone segment which grabs most of the attention. So as rival manufacturers set off on the pixel density race with the Vivo Xplay 3S currently leading the pack, it seems like Samsung isn’t too far away either. The Korean manufacturer is reportedly ready to start mass production of the 560 ppi 5 inch panels with a resolution of 2560×1440, beginning with the upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship. The information comes from Samsung Display’s CEO Kinam Kim as stated by

Samsung made its plans to launch a 560 ppi smartphone clear earlier this month at its Analyst Day event held in Korea, but a confirmation from the head of its display division is pretty reassuring. So when can we expect the Galaxy S5 with a 560 ppi display? Well our guess is as good as yours at the moment, but it should be sometime during Q2 of 2014, much like the Galaxy S4 was announced earlier this year. Samsung’s regional and global rival LG won’t be too far behind in the pixel density race.

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