RockMyMoto roots the Moto X after recent camera-improving update

We all love software updates, but when an update takes away the possibility to root a device, that’s when that love turns into hate and makes us wish we had never hit that update button in the first place. That’s exactly what happened with a recent Moto X update – it improved the camera quality like a boss, but it also made the only known root method for the device stop working.


But XDA developer jcase, creator of the original root method, is back with a vengeance with RockMyMoto, which allows for rooting the Moto X after the aforementioned update. However, the new method is a bit more complicated than the original, with requirements such as having ADB and Cydia Impactor installed, basic knowledge of command line usage, and having both devices connected to the same network, but it should still be a walk in the park if you go through the instructions carefully.

Hit up the source link to head to the RockMyMoto thread on XDA for more details. As always, take necessary backups before attempting anything, and keep in mind that your device’s warranty will be void after rooting (though a flash back to the official software should take care of that if needed.)

Source: XDA