Quick Recap on Common Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems

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Due to the majority of Samsung Galaxy S3 users asking for solution on some problems that they are encountering on their devices, here is a quick look at the common issues that they are reporting as well as the possible solutions for them. Note that these quick solutions also apply to many Android devices especially to the Galaxy S4.

1st Question

“I have Samsung Galaxy S3. The majority of my pictures have disappeared. What do I need to do?”

Answer: Please try the solutions mentioned in the article titled, Missing Pictures in Samsung Galaxy S3 Gallery.

2nd Question

“My Galaxy S3 keeps on freezing and crashing when opening apps. How can I solve this?”

Answer: Check out the methods to fix the problem in the articles called Samsung Galaxy S3 Crashing Apps and Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Lagging and Freezing Problems [Troubleshooting Guide].

3rd Question

“My Galaxy S3 keeps on overheating. What could be causing the problem?”

Answer: Read the articles titled

Take note that some of them point out to the Galaxy S4 but they are also applicable to the Galaxy S3.

Getting Solutions Quick

Since we are processing a lot of inquiries about Android devices, answering emails usually take up some time. So, in order for you to save a lot of time and find the information that you need in a quick manner, be sure to check our recent posts first before sending in your questions. You can use our search bar to easily look for the troubleshooting method or information that you need.

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