Quick Answers to Samsung Galaxy S3 Issues

galaxy s3 issues

Here is a quick run on the common Galaxy S3 issues sent to us through Mailbag:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Shutting Down by Itself

In addition to the solutions presented in our previous article related to this matter, another problem that may cause the Galaxy S3 shutting down problem is its main power source which is the battery. Whendi Clark, one of our readers, shared through Mailbag that she solved this issue by inserting a thin business card to hold the battery of the Smartphone in place. According to her, the method proved to be a very effective way to fix the problem.

Unable to Send Text Overseas with Galaxy S3

Another sender shared to us his experience with his Galaxy S3. According to him, he is having a problem sending text messages overseas. Before, he was able to do so, but recently, the feature is no longer available. The best thing to do when facing this issue is to call your carrier or check your plan if you have already exceeded its limit. It may also be a technical issue with the network.

WiFi Authentication Error in Galaxy S3

One user reported having problems connecting through WiFi in his home. However, it turned out that the trouble lies in the WiFi range extender that he was using. When he tried connecting directly to his home WiFi, the problem was no longer there.

Galaxy S3 Freezes When Viewing Photos

This can be triggered when you are running short on free memory in your internal storage. Try leaving at least 150MB to leave some breathing room for your system. Clearing the cache of your device will also help solve the issue.

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